When you buy a tree, what you are doing is investing well and creating a society in the long term.

It’s not a donation or anything like it. It is a purchase of a real good from an actual company, with a substantial profit over the 25-year life of each tree that you acquired.

ALIADE is a private and non-subsidized company which generates wealth in a stable way for many families that are associated with its Development Program. These programs are based on the production of the smallholdings of the families through Mutual commitment (You help yourself, and I help you).

a. Contribution of Technology.

b. The investment for productivity in each small farmstead.

c. Training to learn new ways of growing and harvesting.

d. Access to 100% organic fertilizers and anti-pesticides products.

e.Access to quality plants to improve their production.

These families will obtain an income far from the level of poverty from the beginning of the Program and while they maintain their land production.