The harvest is partially processed at Oasis Doña Isabel. Initially by selling the clean, dry almond. In the short term, a plant will be added for the process of “fermentation” of cocoa almonds at the origin. This is of great importance for the quality of cocoa and consequent economic impact on the sale since it dramatically improves the quality of the grain and the final product, i.e. chocolate and derivatives. Other processes will also be added through new investments, such as the manufacture of organic alcohols and fertilizers with cocoa cob residues, to maximize the profitability and even the carbon footprint of production. The rest of the process, mainly the roast, is done by the final buyers. Just the idea of the Oasis as “Development Pole” is to continue processing the final product and its intermediate waste to obtain the highest quality and profitability and, at the same time, the least environmental impact of the crop.