Is inflation taken into account?

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The operation is agreed in current money, the payment of interest is made in U.S. Dollar currency at the present value of each year, like the immense majority of investments. There is no currency adjustment, nor is there any exchange rate insurance as the amount invested is not returned after 25 years, as explained above. [...]

From which country is the investment returned? Is the company that sells the trees from Spain?

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The trees are sold by ALIADE Consortium S.A.S. a company from the Dominican Republic where the Model Farm Oasis Doña Isabel is located. This is the country where the investment is made and where the benefit is produced that allows for the payment of annual interest. The Dominican company that receives the investment is 100% [...]

What is an Impact Investment?

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It is a profitable investment that, at the same time, results in positive impacts on social segments in need. Impact investing is a concept created by A. Bugg-Levine, (CEO of the Nonprofit Financial Fund and former CEO of the Rockefeller Foundation) and J. Emerson (founder of Blend Value Group and fellow senior of Impact Assess); [...]