What are shade trees?

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Cocoa, like coffee, cannot be grown in direct sunlight. A cover of branches higher than the cocoa plant is needed to give it shade and allow production. This cover are the "shade trees". In AgroFamily, productive shade trees are planted. Therefore, improving the results of the plantation.

Why cocoa?

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Cocoa is a native crop of the Region. Its characteristics make it a high-quality product. An Organic crop derives from these natural cocoa plants. It is both Ecological in its origin and Organic in its cultivation of exceptional quality and great value.

Why should I invest in a cocoa tree?

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The investment raised is part of the concept of "Impact Investment": As an investment it is safe, i.e. very low risk, long term allowing a good return for the investor and with a high return in the world of non-speculative investment (8.5% per annum). But in addition to making a profit, the investor favors a [...]